As the preferred financial service provider for over 2,600 institutional clients and 400,000 retail clients, CGS International Securities is committed to building a sustainable future for all.

Our purpose is to empower individuals and communities to make better investment decisions for a sustainable future.


Between the climate crisis and the pandemic, amid widening income gaps and social inequality, one thing rings true: we need to make changes for the better, and we need to act now. This is why CGS International Securities is adopting a holistic environmental, social, and governance (ESG) approach in its strategy and activities.





It’s time to open our eyes
and put our money
where it matters.

Our Recognition






CGS International is committed to placing sustainability at the centre of our organization’s operations and activities. The time to open our eyes and put our money where it matters is now. That outcome must be for the world to remain inclusive, open, and inter-connected, where we are vested in each other's success.

The CGS International Securities Advantage.

CGS International Securities offers a diverse range of products enriched with key ESG-oriented research and analysis in order to simplify complex market data for our clients.

Backed by Asia’s leading financial powerhouses, China Galaxy Securities and CIMB Group, we connect investors with sustainable investment opportunities within and beyond the Orient.

As industry pioneers, we leverage the strength of our shareholders, technology, research, and exclusive market network to create value for our clients.


Our 3E Framework


Our policies, frameworks and research analysis integrate ESG data, enabling investors to make prudent decisions for a better tomorrow.


By equipping millennials, women and the underserved with lifelong knowledge on financial planning and investing, CGS International aims to transform lives.


As a values-driven firm, we have a responsibility to help create a more equitable world through offering full and productive employment and decent work opportunities for all.



We connect investors
to increasingly sustainable
investment opportunities.

The Modern Asian Perspective

Our research coverage comprises 70+ analysts based in eight Asian countries and 800+ regional names, ranging from small and mid-cap companies to branded blue-chip stocks.

The practical nature of our business depends heavily on key insights straight from our researchers in the field. The Modern Asian Perspective, from the ground up.

Whether it is the investor on the street or the institutions we serve, we honour our Asian culture of family-orientedness, treating each partner as one of our own.

Retail Clients

Completely personalised service

In-depth market insights integrated with ESG and sustainability research

Award-winning trading platforms and tools to help clients to trade like a pro

Institutional and
Corporate Clients

High-touch service by award-winning research and global sales teams

Exclusive access to key network events and conferences

Bespoke solutions integrated with ESG and sustainability research

ESG in a Nutshell

Invest in sustainability with our ESG-focused research.

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Explore eco-conscious, socially responsible investing with us.

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Thought Leadership

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