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A comprehensive suite of new and advanced trading features for sophisticated traders

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Go The Extra Mile with CGS iTradePro

CGS iTradePro is a trading platform for advanced traders to level up on equities trading across multiple global exchanges. An efficient and intuitive system for reporting, trade analysis, and execution, it marries real-time stock market information delivery and comprehensive trading capabilities. With its user-focused interface and functionality, CGS iTradePro gives traders timely access to relevant market data, monitor their order statuses, and manage their stock portfolio, easily and effectively.

Customised Layout With Multiple Windows

Multi Layout Define
This feature enables you to design a personalised layout or open an existing layout template. You'll be able to view multi-Quote screens for different Markets at the same time to access timely information. This "multiple markets, single view" feature applies to Market Depth, Chart, and Time and Sales too!

Advanced Trading Features

Order Injector
Also known as Ladder Trading, this feature allows you to facilitate trades for each stock counter or anyother financial products, directly at the Market Depth window. It provides ultrafast execution with one click to Insert Order, or one click to either Withdraw Order or Withdraw All Orders in the market. You can enable this feature by request. Kindly send email to to enable this feature.

Basket Order
This feature lets you create and maintain one basket or baskets of stocks, derivatives, or commodities, or combinations of them, and execute the order directly in a single-send command. Orders can be sent with a prefixed price or using the market bid/offer price.


Sophisticated Trading Features, Specially Designed for Professional Traders


Price Alert

Enjoy the ability to set price alerts to keep track of the price of a security or volume movements of a counter.


Advanced Order Types

Set Market and Stop Limit order types for U.S. market trades, and Stop Limit and Limit-If-Touched order types for SG market trades.


Market Streamer

Filter and capture large movement trades with personalised conditions you can set and manage yourself.


Live Feed

Stream the latest updates and stay on top of your investments with real-time market data.


Trading Strategy

Customise your trading game with built-in strategy analysis and technical chart interpretation.


Advanced Chart

Get access to a wide range of advanced technical charts and market analysis to enhance your trades.


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