To ALL Speakers & Hosts/Moderators,

Thank you for agreeing to be a part of #DRIVEN 2021!

Here are some WEBINAR house rules for all to take note of: 

  1. When dialling in and connecting, please ensure that you are muted.
  2. Feel free to use a virtual background representative of your company/entity.
  3. Make sure you are in a quiet, well-lit place with no other distractions.
  4. For LIVE sessions, kindly standby to dial in 20 minutes before your session, as we will need to do connectivity testing. This is to ensure both audio and visual feeds are working smoothly.

>> IMPORTANT: For Hosts/Moderators:

  1. Kick-start the event by introducing the title of the webinar and yourself.
  2. All hosts and moderators are to introduce the Speaker (name, title, profile, company). These infos will de displayed on the slide with the host/moderator in the frame. Please see the sample slide here, where Phil Mackintosh's (Speaker) session was hosted by Tim Phillips:
  3. Next, the host/moderator to introduce the Topic of the webinar and the Synopsis. Both the host and moderator will be displayed in the frames, on the slide. Here's a sample slide for your kind reference (Speaker is Phil, the Host is Tim):
  4. After that, pass the time to the Speaker(s). Webinar will be in-session. 
  5. As the Speaker is getting ready to close, the Moderator will feed the Host Q&A questions (2-3 questions). Hosts/moderators will be notified beforehand if there is no Q&A session.
  6. After the Speaker is done, Host to take over and finish with Q&A before wrapping up the session. The Outro slides include > (1) QR code for attendees to register for DRIVEN, (2) QR codes for attendees to follow us on our socials > (3) QR code to register for the next webinar.
  7. In the event we are not able to start on time due to ANY technical difficulties OR in the event there is a transmission glitch in the middle of the webinar, especially for live sessions, here's a message hosts/moderators can use:
  8. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in on time. Please give us a few minutes as we are (a) finalising the setup before we go live OR (b) solving a slight technical glitch in order to continue with the programme. We thank you for your patience and for spending your time tonight with us. In the meantime, allow us to touch on "DRIVEN", a company-wide campaign held by CGS International from July to December 2021."

    Host/moderator are to talk about DRIVEN and a QR code will be shown on the screen for attendees to scan > it will lead them to our microsite (, where they can further read and understand the whole campaign. The idea is to get them to look at DRIVEN and register for it while the Virtual Production (VP Team) gets things up to speed. Please refer below for DRIVEN Talking Points!


Here are some talking points for DRIVEN for hosts and moderators:

- A 6-month long campaign (July to December 2021), open to all NEW customers and existing account holders of CGS International Securities Singapore.

- The top 10 traders from these 6 months with the highest amount of tickets each will be awarded with a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 through a Grand Draw!

- There are 6 monthly Apple products up for grabs, for the highest trader each month - an Apple MacBook Air x1, an iPhone 12 x1, an iPad Air x1, an iPhone SE x1, and TWO pairs of AirPods Pro (x2). All in all, 6 products per month - at CGS International, we want to reward you with the real deal when you trade with us!

- Simply open an account to trade any of our products (ETFs, Stocks and Shares, Bonds, CFDs, Forex, Futures) or invest with us via Mutual Funds and more, to earn and accumulate tickets, to be in the running.

- Call-to-action: Scan the QR code on the screen to register yourself for the DRIVEN campaign now.

...and finally...

Using OBS Ninja (only for Virtual Production)

Please note that for certain webinars, virtual production (VP) will be included. For webinars with VP, we require all speakers, hosts and moderators to connect to OBS Ninja.

1. We will be guiding everyone on how to use OBS Ninja (it is something like Zoom). Link and passwords will be sent to all parties involved. No pre-download necessary.
2. In OBS Ninja, remember to enable audio and video on the top left.
3. For backgrounds, you may either use an actual one representative of your company / entity or put on a virtual background.

4. To turn on your Virtual background > Go to the settings icon (bottom bar) in OBS > Digital Video Effects > Virtual background.

Should you have any urgent queries, please reach out to Josephine ( or Leonard (

Let's get #DrivenTogether!