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Trade with CGS International Securities to win a Tesla Model 3. Yes, you heard us right! One of our registrant will be driving away with a new Tesla! Be #DRIVEN and register now: <link>
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CGS International Securities is #DRIVEN to help you succeed! Starting 1st July, stand a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 when you trade or invest with us. From Equities, CFDs, Forex, Futures, to Multi-Asset—trade any of these products from 1 Julythrough 31 December to earn your tickets to the top spots, and qualify for this Grand Prize. Winner gets chosen in a lucky draw in February 2022!

But wait, there’s more!

From July to December, our top 6️ registrants with the highest no. of tickets at the end of each month will win Apple products such as Macbook Air, iPhone 12, iPad Air, and more! This means ,that the more you trade, the higher your chances of winning! We reward those who are #driven.

Join thousands of traders in this race to success by registering today: <link>

#cgscimbsg #driven #drivencgscimb #driventolearn

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Buckle up - CGS International Securities is giving you a chance to own a Tesla Model 3!

From 1st July 2021 to December 2021, trade with CGS International Securities and earn tickets in exchange. The 10 most #driven participants with the highest number of tickets will qualify for our lucky draw in February 2022 when we select our Tesla Model 3 winner!

Here are all our financial products you can trade to supercharge your way to the finish line:
- Equities
- CFDs
- Futures
- Forex
- Multi-Asset
- Wealth Management

Not only that the six most #driven participants with the highest number of tickets at the end of each month will win our monthly rewards! ⚡

Top traders from each category stand a chance to win:
- Apple Macbook Air
- Apple iPhone 12
- Apple iPad
- Apple iPhone SE
- Apple Airpods Pro 

Vroom, vroom, VROOM!

Are you #DRIVEN enough to claim what's yours? Join thousands of traders on this road to success by registering here: <link>
#cgscimbsg #driven #drivencgscimb #driventolearn

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