ESG in a Nutshell

This section in CGS International research reports is a detailed analysis of the ESG performance of the company and its sector.

It covers ESG risks, forward-looking ESG performance, and the adoption of ESG in cash flow forecasts and target valuation metrics

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance, and an ESG rating measures a company’s long-term exposure to potential risks under these three categories.

Environmental - How a company uses energy and natural capital, approaches climate change, and manages its environmental impact

Social - How a company cares for its people and stakeholders and its efforts for creating community and social impact

Governance - How a company runs its internal systems, accounting, and taxation, and how well it adheres to ethics and transparency

As an investor, you can use our ESG ratings to make good potential gains, while doing good for others.

Our ESG ratings encourage well-rounded portfolio decisions that offer stellar potential profits, while advancing sustainability for all.

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