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CGS International Securities' online trading platform, best known as iTrade, is fast, convenient, seamless and customisable. The platform is equipped with comprehensive trading tools to help the clients make sound decisions on their trades. It offers real-time streaming prices, market news from Singapore, Malaysia, US and Hong Kong bourses as well as the latest information on all companies listed on the eight exchanges (SGX, BURSA, HKEX, SET, IDX, NASDAQ, AMEX & NYSE).
Clients can also browse through fundamental reports, technical charting, analysis tools and more.

Why CGS iTrade


With our servers co-located at the Singapore Exchange (SGX) data centre, client orders enter the market at unparalleled speed.
CGS iTrade has evolved and transformed our online trading platform to give clients a digital experience where they can trade equities anytime, anywhere. We have selectively hand-picked niche Fintech partners to provide comprehensive and innovative trading tools such as iScreener, iBillionaire, Stock Filter to facilitate our clients to make better investment decisions.

Key Features

CGS iTrade is an intuitive and interactive platform, offering users all the tools an investor would need for trading.

With a single login, clients with Cash Trading account, Cash Upfront Trading and Margin Trading account can manage their multiple accounts with ease.
For a better trading experience, CGS iTrade offers clients the flexibility to customise their experience through setting their preferred font style, shortcut keys and layouts.
Available in both English and Chinese languages
CGS International Securities offers clients a whole suite of investment tools, including 77 pre-built indicators, drawing capabilities and ability to compare different stocks across different markets.
CGS International Securities offers financial information and management commentary on listed companies in the stock market as reported in quarterly or annual statements, press releases or other public venues.
Clients can enjoy tools from our niche Fintech partners such as iScreener, iBillionaire, iFilter, Fundamental Reports, Stock Filter and many more. Through these tools, clients will be able to make better-informed investment decisions.
ReportsGain access to our award-winning research reports by taking a quick view of Related News and Research on each stock. This gives clients a professional opinion of the stock prospect and the market environment surrounding it.
CGS iTrade is an online trading facility with access to five Asian and three US markets. This means that clients can trade in global markets all through one platform.

Trading Tools

On top of that, all CGS International Securities' clients enjoy FREE access to the following:
The Stock filter is another intuitive trading tool that helps clients find potential trading opportunities in mere seconds. It screens stocks of across 12 markets, based on specific search criteria.
  • 13 predefined strategies to filter for the preferred stocks

  • Advanced search filters based on client’s preference in search of potential trading opportunities

CGS iTrade Mobile Application

The CGS iTrade App offers a suite of mobile solutions on-the-go on any smartphone or tablet devices (iOS and Android devices), such as placing orders, monitoring stock performances, viewing of investment portfolios and accessing real-time price and stock-related information on regional and global markets.
  • Simply use TouchID to log into your CGS iTrade App

  • Access real-time price, stock related information, news and research

  • Monitor stocks performance with advanced technical charts

  • Grab some trading ideas with intuitive trading tools such as iBillionaire, iScreener, News & Research

  • Stock Alert feature notifies latest market movements on a real-time basis

CGS iTradePro

CGS iTradePro platform offers a comprehensive suite of new advanced trading features for sophisticated traders.
Advanced Trading Features
  • Simple and high-speed advanced one-click trading with the order injector

  • Enables traders to create their Conditional Trading and define Basket Trading

  • Customisable trading strategy with built-in strategy analysis on the interpretation of technical charting

  • Trade in multiple markets on a single platform - SG, MY, HK, US, ID and TH

  • Multi-Charts with different time frames

  • Multi-Layouts to suit active trader's personal trading preference and strategies

  • Back test personalised strategies with unlimited combinations

  • Market Streamers to uncover market opportunities by filtering out counters that have higher trading activities

  • Queue Tracker to monitor the depth activities for the day

Advanced technical and Analysis Charts
  • Offers a wide range of advanced technological charting capabilities

  • Comprehensive technical indicators with strategy trading facility

  • Charts range from Intraday Tick to Historical by 1 min, 5 min, 15 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly

  • Built-in candlestick guide with full explanation

  • Equipped with built-in strategy analysis for interpretation of technical charting

  • Capabilities to plot, draw lines, eclipse, add text and arrow to the charts

iTrade Mobile App

Utilising TouchID login on the iTrade Mobile App, it offers clients an avenue for easy and secure access to their trading accounts. CGS iTrade offers a suite of mobile solutions on the go from any smartphones and tablet devices. It is fully accessible on all iOS devices and Android devices.
Utilising TouchID login on the iTrade Mobile App, it offers clients an avenue for easy and secure access to their trading accounts. CGS iTrade offers a suite of mobile solutions on the go from any smartphones and tablet devices. It is fully accessible on all iOS devices and Android devices.



iOS devices

Download the app by searching for "iTrade" on the App Store.

Android devices

Download the app by searching for "iTrade" on the Google App Store.

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