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Mutual funds provide an avenue for clients to pool investors’ money in a registered fund. This fund is then managed by a professional fund manager to meet its portfolio objectives. Clients, who wish to grow their wealth or gain some external source of income but have limited resources to do so, may invest in mutual funds for an ease of mind. This investment vehicle gives retail investors access to a variety of investment instruments such as equities, bonds and other local and foreign assets. This product is an exclusive offering by CGS International Securities (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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A fixed income mutual fund is made up of stocks that pay out a fixed return to its investors. Some of these stocks include government and corporate bonds. As the portfolio creates a huge sum of income, some of these can then be shared amongst its shareholders.
An Index Fund comprises of shares that closely follow the trends of major market indexes e.g. S&P 500 or NASDAQ.
The Money Market Fund leans towards a portfolio with short-term stocks that are highly liquid. This fund aims to give investors a safe outlet to invest in cash-equivalent assets.
The Sector Fund comprises of stocks that are grouped in certain industry or sectors. These stocks then form an industry portfolio, of which investors can selectively invest in.


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For funds such as Long-term Equity Fund (LTF) and Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF), clients can perform a transaction directly through each AMC online platform.

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Please contact your Trading Representatives to place trade.

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There are many factors for clients to consider such as investor risk preference, investment objective and goal, as well as investment horizon. An investment in a certain fund may be suited to one but not another. Therefore, clients should consult their investment consultant to find an appropriate investment guideline.

The duration of investment depends on the client and the type of mutual fund to invest. Money market and some fixed income mutual fund can be invested in a short-term time frame. Equity or other asset mutual funds have higher risk or volatility, so they should be invested for longer-term horizon. However, if the investor is satisfied with the current return, they may redeem that fund. Additionally, for LTF and RMF, clients have to invest in the time required by law.

Income from mutual fund is divided into dividend income and capital gain. According to Thai law, dividend income from mutual fund investment is taxable. A unit holder can choose to either deduct 10% withholding tax or include the dividend income in his/her personal income tax calculation. Some parts of capital gain are untaxed. Clients may contact their respective investment consultant for more details.

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Key Risks

The key risks associated with Mutual Funds include the following. It is important to note that the list of risks is not exhaustive.