Equities are one of the most widely traded investments and have historically outperformed most other investments over the long run. Investors can benefit from potential capital gains and dividend pay-outs.

Global equities markets provide investors with the opportunities to own equity interests in companies globally.

Today, the global markets offer a wide range of instruments including stocks and shares, real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary placements.

Through CGS International Securities, clients can trade stocks and shares listed in 33 exchanges. Our online platform – CGS iTrade provides clients direct access to 8 exchanges - namely SGX, Bursa, HKEX, Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, SET and IDX.

Why trade this product with CGS International Securities?

Types of Trading Accounts

For clients whose securities are kept at the Central Depository P/L (CDP), we offer the following:

  • Individual / Joint Account
  • Young Investor Account (Applicants age between 18 and 21 years old)
  • Corporate Account

For clients who seek greater buying power and the financial flexibility to boost investment potential - up to 3.5 times of capital, we offer credit facility to clients for the purchase of securities listed on SGX, BURSA, HKEX, AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

For clients who seek opportunity to engage in hedging or arbitraging activities to potentially maximise returns, you may borrow securities to cover short positions.

Supported platform

CGS iTrade

An intuitive and interactive platform, offering users a different look as well as all the tools an investor would need for trading.
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CGS iTrade Mobile

A suite of mobile solutions platform on the go. Available on any smartphone or tablet devices (iOS and Android devices), such as placing orders, monitoring your stocks’ performances, viewing your investment portfolio and accessing real-time price and stock-related information on regional and global markets.
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CGS iTradePro

The platform comprises a comprehensive suite of innovative trading features, as well as advanced technical and analysis charts, specially created to meet the needs of sophisticated traders.
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You can check the status of your trades through your Trading Representative or through CGS iTrade (for orders you keyed online). A contract statement stating the securities transactions executed for your Cash Trading Account will be dispatched to you on the next trading day.

Yes. You can contra trades for SGX, Bursa Malaysia, HKSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE.

You can place your order via CGS iTrade, contact your Trading Representative or our global dealing desk. To facilitate your global trading, we provide custodian services and multi-currency trust accounts.

Open an account now

Simply contact CGS International Securities to request for an account opening pack.

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Download our registration form and mail it to the desired branch with all the enclosures.

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Key Risks

The key risks associated with Stocks and Shares include the following. It is important to note that the list of risks is not exhaustive.
Similar to DLCs, the value of stocks are exposed to the fluctuation of the Securities market.
A stock price might fall below the purchase price or even to zero should the listed company performs poorly. Its shares may be suspended or even be de-listed, whereby there is no open market for its shares any more. If the delisting leads to corporate bankruptcy, investors may lose up to the capital invested.
A stock that is denominated in a foreign currency may lose value when converted to the local currency due to the movements in the exchange rates between the two currencies.
Investors' returns are impacted when purchasing (selling) a stock at a high (low) price or at the end (start) of a bullish business cycle.
Some risks only impact a particular sector. For example, the airline industry is impacted by changes in oil prices, climate change and terrorism.