3 reasons why you should sell Mutual Funds
Cross-selling & Upselling
Earn up to 100% sales charge
Portfolio Management
Complement Clients' Portfolio with Mutual Funds
Wider Product Range
Exclusive access to thematic funds
Investing in mutual funds can be simple and easy with “Funds Primo”. Powered by CQM.
About FundPrimo

With thousands of mutual funds offered in the market place, investors are spoilt for choice. To assist investors with their fund selection, CGS International is making this process simple with our in-house screening model.

Building on wealth of experience of our strong quantitative research team, CGS International has developed our very own screening model - CGS International Quantitative Models (“CQM”). The models are built on machine learning techniques; using statistical inputs to evaluate the mutual funds’ “unbiased” performance beneath the name it bears. It can handle vast amount of data to perform complex calculations and efficiently screen out the “gems” for our clients.

Which category do I belong to?
Earns up to 100% of the sales charge

*TRs under this category are licensed to advise and deal in CIS.


  • CMFAS M1A, M5, M6, M6A, M8, M8A
  • 6 CEP & 30 CPD hours a year
  • Subject to Balanced Scorecard framework
  • Eligible for Financial Advisory (Wealth Planner & Wealth Solutions)

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Earns up to 100% of the sales charge

*TRs under this category are licensed to deal in CIS but not advise.


  • CMFAS M1A, M5, M6, M6A
  • 3 or 6 CEP & 6 CPD hours a year
  • Not subject to Balanced Scorecard framework

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Earns up to 90% of the sales charge

*TRs under this category are not licensed to advise nor deal in CIS.


  • TRs without M6A
  • 3 or 6 CEP & 6 CPD hours a year
  • Not subject to Balanced Scorecard framework

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This is a campaign for all Trading Representatives to promote the range of Mutual Funds offered by CGS International Securities (S) Pte. Ltd (“CGS International”).
TRs who wish to qualify under Category 1 (eligible to advise and deal in unlisted CIS) would require to complete Module 8 and Module 8A from Singapore College of Insurance (“SCI”), and exam fees are claimable. However, TRs with a degree in Finance or other equivalent professional certifications can get exemption. For more details, please do not hesitate to reach out to Koleen at ext.8686 or Admin Licensing.

TRs under Category A would need to fulfil the following requirements every year:

  • 30 CPD hours;
  • 6 CEP hours for those being licensed for less or equals to 4 consecutive calendar years OR
    3 CEP hours for those being licensed for more than 4 consecutive calendar year. 
  • Subject to Balanced Scorecard Framework (“BSF”). For more information on BSF, please refer to: https://bit.ly/3jaGAqA 

Interested TRs, please reach out to Koleen at ext.8686 or Admin Licensing.

Yes, if clients who do not require advisory service, TRs from Category 2 will still earn 100% of the sales charge and TRs from Category 3 will earn 90% of the sales charge.
Of course! Top 3 TRs with the highest AUM brought in will be rewarded with gift vouchers.
Regular webinars will be conducted to equip TRs with the right tools and knowledge to pitch ideas to their clients. All webinars, research articles for mutual funds and tools will be uploaded onto this page for your easy reference. In addition, Investment Consultants & Relationship Managers from Private Wealth will be able to assist with advisory services for TRs within Category 2 & 3.
Clients with minimum purchase of S$10,000 worth of mutual funds.
Currently, only reinvestment is available.
No, only cash investment is available currently.
There will be no sales charge & processing fee imposed for TRs own purchase. However, the minimum transaction amount of S$10,000 applies.

Yes, there will be. We will notify all TRs prior to the launch.

  1. Fund Singapore (www.fundsingapore.com) 
  2. Morningstar (www.sg.morningstar.com)
  3. Fundsupermart (www.fundsupermart.com)

Currently, TRs can check the daily NAV of the funds on our shared Bloomberg Terminal, function “W” (my shared worksheets: PW Mutual funds masterlist by segment). PW is working on introducing our own system to allow checking of such information without login into Bloomberg. 

Currently, TRs can check the daily NAV of the funds using external websites such as Bloomberg, Issuers’ website, Morningstar, etc.

Clients’ holdings will be reflected in their monthly statement, while the dividend reinvestment advice will be sent to clients when the dividend is reinvested. TRs may also check your clients’ holdings from TR Portal.

Please also refer to 'Important Notice In Relation To Any Cancellation' on the UT cancellation form for specific details".

The sales charge will be returned to client together with the invested amount, subject to the NAV of the mutual funds on that day of redemption.
TRs can charge up to 3% of the transacted amount or the maximum set by the specific fund, whichever is lower.

Sales charge earned from selling mutual funds will be reflected in TRs’ statement on a monthly basis. However, the amount will be paid in accordance with their payout cycle.

In addition, TRs are to note the cutoff date of 25th of every month. Sale transaction (tradedate) after 25th will only be reflected in the following month.

You can reach out to the Private Wealth Team at sg.wealth@cgsi.com or complete the "Contact Us" form below. We will try to respond to your queries as quickly as we can.
Any questions?
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